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Corporate Function Bands - The best entertainment for your corporate function event or gala celebration, banquet or corporate venue. The number one Corporate/Function party bands in the Tri-State area offering the best corporate entertainment for functions, events, private parties, dances, fundraisers, galas, banquets, and events venues. Huge selection of corporate events bands, orchestras, live entertainers, and fun entertainment available to perform at your next corporate party, corporate function, meeting or celebration gala. Corporate event planning made easy. Hire Live Music and Party Function Bands For Corporate Functions. IGMC has been supplying live music and party function bands for corporate functions for over a quarter of a century! We are experts in corporate entertainment and all aspects of corporate events and functions. Our Live Function Bands for hire, and Percussion Groups, dance ensembles, full staging, lighting and audio visual are able to perform in a variety of styles of music, actually any style of music that you need!

Music Musicians Performers Entertainers for Corporate Functions and Special Events!

BANDS and their Demos, Live Showcases, Auditions and more…


The ATTITUDE BAND hand-selects their musicians to fit the taste and budget of each couple. The band can go out as 5 musicians up to 15 musicians with the most amazing selection of top quality artists imaginable. With weekly live shows smack in the middle of Manhattan, you can see for yourself how wonderful they are! With a mix of high-energy music from hip-hop to house and Top 40 to rock, you’re sure to find a diverse sound for your wedding.  Four-hour receptions starting at $6,000.


The RESPEKT BAND This orchestra has more than 20 years’ experience in the corporate events, special events, functions, galas, fundraisers wedding entertainment and is well  known for their soulful sounds of R&B, Motown, funk, soul, pop, and jazz, not to mention being the absolute best in top-40 dance hits from all eras including the most current hits off the charts today. The group boasts a sizzling horn section, and the vocalists in this band are truly competitive with the biggest stars in the world. This band provides a pumping dance floor every single time that they perform. RESPEKT usually goes out as a 7 piece band, but can grow their horn section up to 12 musicians including extra percussion and guest performers with the band. Prices start at $7500.


THE FREEDOM BAND This band with it’s powerful vocals and supersonic funky horn section, jam-packed dance floors and an amazing following of local fans, is surely the top local dance band for parties, events, corporate dinner dances, special galas, fundraisers, weddings and more. With headliner vocalists that have appeared on Broadway, on the road with big name artists, and the lead female vocalist Roz M won 2nd prize on American Idol a number of years ago. You simply cannot get better than that. Freedom usually goes out as 8 pieces with 3 singers and 2 horns or 9 pieces with 3 singers and 3 horns and most of the other musicians in the band sing as well. Prices start at $7500.


THE PHENOMENON BAND This band is one of the most fun pumping out club and top 40 dance hits ever! They perform songs from Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Jalo, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, Gaga, Beyonce, Pitt Bull, Usher, and Frank Sinatra to Bon Jovi, Bruce Springstein and more… and THIS is just a tiny fraction of the music this truly high energy, fun and fantastic band—which features anywhere from  6 to 12 members as well as a D.J. covers. The group is known for its eclectic style and dance-inspiring rhythms. We showcase on Long Island every single week so it isn’t too hard to come and see us live to see for yourself how much fun we are. ALSO – we do a one-on-one private audition for just YOU and your family, no one else in the room but YOU and US. So you get your own private time with us alone to see what we can do, so we play only YOUR requests! From $4,900 and up.


THE MIRACLE BAND This amazing band will keep your dance floor packed all night long. Come and see for yourself. We have dozens of videos of live performances on our old website (just ask Iris to show it to you) and we rehearse every week on Long Island and invite you down to come and meet us and hear us and audition us live and in private, we will play for just YOU and look forward to meeting you in our rehearsal space any week that you like. We play Rock, Classic Rock, Motown, Funk, R&B, Soul, Oldies, Current Dance – yup, the stuff that just came out on the charts and we STAY CURRENT, and we are young, high energy, fun and we “get-it.” We totally get it done for you – that means we take your party OFF the dance floor and into the heavens, every single time.  Our prices start at $7200.


THE GRATITUDE BAND This eclectic band plays Latin Dance Music, Caribbean Music fully equipped with one or two steel drums, and also plays every style of American Dance music on the charts today all the way back to oldies from the 1920s and hits fro every era up till today and tomorrow. This band stays current on the charts and is well equipped to do International and mutlti-national sounds for your special event. You can hire this band from just a 2-3piece Caribbean Group for your cocktails or you can get a full fledged orchestra for your Gala that encompasses both International Music as well as the standard American music of today. Playing a huge Variety, this band can be 100% American all the way from beginning to the end, 100% American Music high variety and very versatile playing hits from 1920 through today OR this band can be 100% Latin all night long or 100% Caribbean all night long as well. We customize every event specially for you.  Prices start at $800 per musician -


THE ESSENCE BAND This band is built on famous and well established artists ONLY. Featuring the well known Jill G and you can see her performances on CBS tv and can have heard her performing on every National Radio station from Coast to Coast. This band features musicians from the Billy Joel’s Moving Out show on Broadway, and musicians that have played with Bruce Springstein, Janet Jackson and more … the list too long to write on this page. This band is by far the top dance and rock-dance band on the East Coast and probably in the entire United States. Just visit their website and take a look. Prices start at $7500.


THE PRAYER BAND The Prayer Band can CLASSIC ROCK your world, amongst playing every other style of music including he newer songs that are on the charts today, this band will ROCK YOUR WORLD!!! Prices start at $5000.

Corporate Bands

Live function bands available for hire for Corporate Functions, Dinner Dances and Balls, Banquets, Galas, Fundraisers, Business Meetings, Exhibitions, Trade Shows and More...

Function Bands

IGMC specializes in offering live bands, rock bands, Motown bands, soul bands, disco bands, tribute bands, function bands, Cover Bands, Party Bands & Jazz Bands for all and any corporate events live entertainment and fun party dancing and more.

Corporate Events Bands

Professional, exciting, actively engaging or perfectly complementary, our bands are the best in the area and we have live weekly shows to prove it! Come see for yourself!. We understand that parties and corporate events vary and we totally customize each and every live band performance to meet the needs of our functions and of the people attending these parties.

We offer party and dance bands all sizes and all configurations, for any function, dinner dance, party, or celebration, our bands for hire, including stage production, lighting, amplification and live performances that can be tailored to suit your needs, tastes and desires. We take song requests, we compose original music and we can even produce a full out show for you.

We deliver an unparalleled, fantastic, high energy, expert and a top professional entertaining performance with tremendous atmosphere proven through our live function band performances at numerous functions and corporate parties and events such as some of those listed below (Partial List) SEE bottom of the page.

Events Bands


Our Function Bands cater to more than just a stage performance. We offer lighting, decorations, full event planning, hand holding and more. We offer a fully inclusive package that covers your event completely, with a customized service to suit your individual requirements and specifications. Our dance and corporate function party cover dance bands can be complimented by our DJ service so there is simply nothing that we cannot accomplish both musically, audio visually and otherwise.

  • We have over 25 years of experience in the industry boasting a quarter of a century of events.
  • Professional PA, stage lighting & sound engineers and every single thing you need to complete the   technical aspect of your event.
  • We have all the required insurance certificates for every venue in the tri-state area and around the United States.
  • WE ARE: The Full Package: Lighting, Sound, Production, Performance, Decorations, Entertainers of all kinds and more.

Dance Bands

WE are experts! And 25 years of event production under our belts to prove it!

The Four Piece to Fourteen Piece to Forty Piece to 200 Piece Function Bands, Broadway shows, orchestras, ensembles and amazing productions of all kinds have passed through our fingers.

With our experience we're flexible enough to handle any type of private party or corporate event. We can provide centre stage action, or background accompaniment, coupled with a professional approach that resonates through our on stage and off stage performance. Corporate Band Performances for anything you have up your sleeve and more including full film or TV Broadcast with our own hi def cameras and crew to record your event.

Cover Bands -


New York City Corporate Function Bands - The very best in corporate events entertainment for your corporate business function, meeting, event, fundraiser or gala celebration, dinner dance or special events venue. IGMC promotes the top Corporate/Function party bands New York City, Long Island and surrounding territories offering the best in corporate functions entertainment for all sorts of special events, parties, college dances, special events fundraisers, anniversaries, awards dinners, sales meetings after-parties, wrap parties, banquets, and company special events venues.  We offer up tremendous variety of corporate events and Function bands, orchestras, live entertainers, and fun entertainers

Motown Function Bands The Corporate Motown Show by New York’s: SOUL SOUND REVUE BAND

The NY Soul Sound Review Band has performed several thousand corporate events over the last two decades and is happy to perform and wow your crowd as well from 12-18 musicians we are a full Motown show and Motown revue playing all the Motown Hits from the entire soul and Motown era. There isn’t a Motown song we cannot cover for YOU!

Soul Bands – The Ascension Band is a Soul Band for corporate functions and events bar none!

The Ascension Band plays R&B, Motown, Disco, Hustle, Funk, 60’s, 70’s, and oldies of numerous styles including some of the top-40 hits and cover dance songs of today. Together with multiple percussion and killer vocals and horns this band is a rock’n soul option for your next corporate function dance party celebration or fundraiser. Just give us a call and come and hear us live. We are a great band for hire for any type of dance celebration, party, venue, event, fundraiser, gala, anniversary or more. Just give us a call!

Funk Corporate Bands, Fun Function Bands, Motown and Soul Function Bands, R&B Corporate Bands! THE NYC SOUL STARS BAND:  7- 15 piece lineup, playing Soul, Funk, R&B and Disco dance music made famous by the original Masters from the 60's till now and then some oldies as well


The best live entertainers on the East Coast for Sure Playing music of all styles, from 40’s till the music of today, we play all the famous stars, all the cover tunes, all the most popular music from every decade from 1920 through to today. Playing Jazz, Standards, Rat Pack, Big Band, Sinatra, Swing, Benny Goodman, Ella Fitzchald, ballads, horn classics and more. We play Elvis, and all the 50’s hits, we play Motown, rock, classic Rock, Rock’n Roll, R&B, Funk, Disco, Hustle, Soul, Motown and all of the 60’s hits that were famous at that time. We play disco, hustle funk and top-40 love ballads and hits from the 70’s and all the famous covers to bring your dance floor to an ecstatic rage! We play 80’s rock,classic rock 80s-top-40 dance, 80s covers of all styles of rock, metal, new wave, hip hop, rap and anything at all from that era., We play 90’s covers, top-40s and top ten hits from the 90’s and we play all the current dance tunes that are on the charts today. ALL of the current top-40 dance music of today, and as they come out, we learn them!

Events Function Bands for Parties and Events in New York City, NY, NYC Manhattan and Long Island.

The corporate function:

Corporate event planning almost always involves the search for entertainment and vendors. IGMC can help you do this with the greatest of ease! Depending on the type of corporate party or gathering you have in mind, you might require any style of type of music or live entertainment, or lighting, staging, audio visual, or even to try to figure out where is the best place to do this event. Whether you’re planning a formal awards dinner or an outdoor barbecue for clients, IGMC has the corporate event entertainment sure to be the highlight of your next event, bar none. Find and hire the perfect corporate event entertainment on the IGMC corporate events entertainment website at

Dance Function Bands

            IGMC has the best dance function bands in and around New York City, Long Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, and basically the entire tri-state area. From Rock to Soul to Sinatra to Hip Hop, we have it all. Don’t hesitate to ask about all styles of music and musicians.

Cover Function Bands

            IGMC has the very best in top-40 dance bands, cover bands and all different shapes and styles of music and musicians, with horns, singers, rhythm sections, small classical ensembles, jazz groups, DJs and more, and we also cover staging, lighting and any other events orchestra or live performance needs with 100% full audio visual services, no matter what you need, we can do it.

Rock Function Bands

            The best rockers in town reside with IGMC! Classic Rock, Rock’n Roll Bands from all eras, 50’s Rock, 60’s Rock, 70’s Rock and more, just call and ask and maybe get invited to a live showcase to hear your band live!

Motown Function Bands

            Motown! A big time Corporate Favorite for functions, dances, galas, year end celebrations and sales motivation meetings. Motown, Soul, R&B Funk Function Bands and more.

Soul Function Bands -  Funk Function Bands  -  R&B Function Bands  -  Orchestras  - DJays - Dancers

Lighting - Corporate Events Staging -  Functions – Production  -

Locations that we have performed at!


The Pierre Hotel Best NY Corporate Events Venue The Essex House Hotel Best Manhattan Catered Events  Mandarin Oriental Best NYC Event Function Space


Le Parker Meridien Best NYC Events with Views St. Regis Hotel            Most Elegant NYC Hotel Functions

The New York Palace Hotel Most Antique and formal Hotel Functions The Roosevelt Hotel Best Business Functions and Meeting Rooms


The Waldorf Astoria Hotel

            The very best in Manhattan Events Catering, Entertainment and More

The Marriott Marquis Hotel

            The largest Hotel in Manhattan for events and meetings, exhibitions and trade shows.

The NY Sheraton Hotel

            Corporate Meetings, Lectures, Weekends and Celebrity Events.

The Hilton Hotel

            Beautiful Ballrooms and Events Spaces

The Crown Plaza NY

            Event Ballroom with function assets



The Grand Hyatt NY

            Events Meetings Exhibitions, Trade Shows, Weekends, Overnight Rooms.

Cipriani 42nd Street

            Unique and Unusual Space

Cipriani Wall Street

            Grand Huge Big Large and spacious Event Location

Capitale NY

            Best Corporate Function Event Space in Manhattan



Espace NY

            Unusual Gallery and Loft Like Space Simple, Clean and Spacious, Large, Huge Event Space.

583 Park Avenue

            Events Venue, Corprate Function Venue, Location, Unusual, Different, Grand, Large.


            Wonderful Function Venue

Abigail Kirsch at Pier 60

            Loft space in Manhattan for business meetings up to 1200 people

Abigail Kirsch at Pier 61 and the Lighthouse

            Very big corporate functions in NY


The Water Club

            Function space on the water on the river with views nyc

Battery Gardens

            Corporate event space with views in the park and on the Hudson river.

Maritime Parc

            City Views Event Space

Pleasantdale Chateau

            Castle for Events

The Castle at Skylands

            Antique Castle for Events.

CORPORATIONS THAT HAVE CALLED UPON IGMC FOR HELP WITH THEIR CORPORATE FUNCTIONS  20 Century Fox, 60 Minutes, ABC Radio AT&T AVON Products Global Allied Irish Bank American Cancer Society  American Express  American Heart Association  American Stock Exchange  Anderson Consulting  Archdiocese of NY  Arista Records  Arthritis Foundation  Atlantic Records  Avon  BBC International  Bankers Trust  Banko Bilbao Vizcaya  Bayer Corp  Bear Stearns  Belk Stores Services  Betel Geuse Productions  Bristol Myers  CBS Television  Carnegie Corp. of NY  Carter, Ledyard & Milburn  Concord Financial Group Continental Airlines  Cravath, Swaine & Moore  Cure For Lymphoma Foundation  Dean & Deluca  Dean Witter  Deloitte & Touche  Details Magazine  Disney Special Events, Dobler Chevrolet  Donna Karan Company  Draft World Wide  Elite Model  Management  Epilepsy Foundation of NY  Essence  Estee Lauder  Excel  Telecommunications Fairleigh Dickinson University  First Boston   Food Network  Fordham University  French Bank  GQ Magazine  GRP Records Inc.  Hallmark Entertainment  Harvard School of Public Health  Heller Financial  Hill & Knowlton, Home Beautiful Magazine  House of Buggin Productions  IPI Financial Services, In Style Magazine  Industrial Bank of Japan ING Bearings Israel Bonds, J.P. Morgan Investments  Jewish National Fund Kabbalah Center of NY  Kiss FM Radio Kentucky Fried Chicken  King World Productions  Knight Ridder  Lehman Brothers Lenox Hill Hospital  Little Red Schoolhouse  Long Term Bank of Japan  MGM MS Farrell Company MSNBC MTV Maimonides Medical Center  Marie Claire Magazine McGraw Hill McNabb & Associates Memorial Hospital, Merrill Lynch MetLife Metropolitan Transit Authority Micro Models Microsoft Microsoft-NBC Mitsubishi Trust & Banking Co. Morgan Stanley Mount Sinai Hospital NBA NBC NCI Advertising NHS NY Roadrunner’s Club NYNEX Yellow Pages NY University Nat’l Assc.Afr.Amer.Broadcasters Nat’l Black Meeting Association Nat’l Council of Jewish Women National Defense  Transportation National Foundation for Cancer National Hemophilia Foundation Nat’l Assc. Women Bus Owners Natural Resources Defense Cncl. New York Civil Liberties Union New York Magazine Nova Pharmaceutical Novartis Pharmaceutical Oklahoma Fixture Company Ortho Pharmaceuticals Oxford Health Insurance Pan USA Paramount Pictures Parent’s Day Magazine People Magazine Pepsi Cola Pfizer Inc. Phillip Morris Philips Investment Group Polygram Records Price Waterhouse Producer’s Source Professional Women of Color Prudential Insurance Ralph Lauren Random House Red Book Magazine, Republic National Bank Reuven Merker Leukemia Rsrch. Rolex Seagram Corp. Communications Show Time Sithe Energies  Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital Smith Barney Smythe, Masterson & Judd Ltd., Society Generable French Bank Solgar Vitamin & Herb Co. Solomon Brothers SONY Spencer Trask Saint Jude Children Research Saint Vincent’s Hospital  Stern Department Stores Svenska Handels Banken Swedish Amer. Chmbr. Commerce Swiss Bank Corp. Technology Solutions (IBM) The Plumb Club Thompson Financial Services Tiffany’s  Trans Union UJA Federation USA Welcome Union Bank of Switzerland University of Pennsylvania University of South Carolina Vogue Magazine Warner Bros. Records Warner Bros TV Network Warren Kremer CMP Advertising William Morris Agency Yeshiva University



Learn More About Our COFPORATE FUNCTION BANDS in New York & Our Corporate Cover Dance Bands for Social Special Events, Galas and Fundraisers.

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