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How do you know
if you are booking a Band Clone?

Will your band "replicate" and be three bands on the night of your event, or five bands? Who does this type of thing and how will you know? As a consumer, this is a very difficult thing to find out without actually hiring a detective or going undercover yourself.

Some clues to watch for, the giveaway signs are: *Presenting bands on tape or CD with no videos or live shows. *Very small companies cannot afford to stay in business unless they double or triple book their bands on popular dates. Over 50% of band leaders trying to run a "Mom & Pop" small booking agency for their own band and sometimes a few others will "multi-book" their dates in order to stay in business.

IGMC books only one engagement per band per "date" and requires musicians to sign contracts that their "Set Band" will be appearing for that date.

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